March 21, 2013

Blending worlds, and eating the Easter bunny

My worlds are blending together.  It's not often that I am just a Medicine Woman, or just a Farmer.  My homestead blog has been getting more of my attention lately, as I work to be more self-sufficient.  My hands are in the dirt, loving on bunnies, or preparing nutrient dense deliciousness in the kitchen.  I long for the soil to warm so I can plant my beloved herbs and heirloom veggies.  

It snowed a little today, and the alternating warmer days and frigid cold with biting winds are turning me into a sissy.  I want warmth and sunshine!  It's all good, though.  There's plenty to do inside and out, and the bunnies are a constant source of glee.  Did you know I'm a rabbit farmer, too?  

Nutrient density is always a focus of my cooking.  Rabbits fit the bill nicely.  They're quiet, don't take up much space, are a delightful hobby, and are a delicious, versatile and easily digestible source of clean protein.  Raising rabbits for meat is a lesson in learning to love what nourishes me.  

In honor of the turning wheel bringing us the Spring Equinox or Ostara, I am returning to the roots of my Easter bunny eating tradition.  You can see the post and my Aunt's recipe for Hasenpfeffer here.  

Ostara Blessings!  May abundance, fertility and growth surround you and your endeavors!

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