December 26, 2014

Healing damaged mother/daughter relationships

I just read a wonderful blog post about healing damaged mother/daughter relationships.  So insightful, empowering and healing.  Make a cup of tea and head on over to womboflight and check out her post about the rupture of the mother line.  

July 24, 2014

Why internal usage of essential oils is a bad idea

During herb school, we took a field trip.  It was a week long immersion into different growing zones.  We camped, and each day we took a trip to meet different plant communities.  One day was a very rocky hike, and I had recently strained my ankle, so I decided to stay at the camp.  We were camped along the Poudre river.  I was hanging out next to the river, beside a stand of willows, when they decided to share with me.  The impression was strong, and was that they just wanted to share with us.  Just be with us.  We didn't have to take from them to share their gifts, their medicine.  It was a profoundly moving moment for me, nestled into the greater experience of digging deep, connecting with allies and building tribe.

I agree that sometimes we need larger volumes of plant material to address a problem or imbalance. This doesn't mean internal essential oil usage.  This means teas, tinctures, oxymels, poultices, pastes, foods, oils and salves.  Many times, it is enough, or more appropriate, to work with herbs in drop doses, in flower essence form, or just to be with that plant.  Sometimes.  Always, we work with plants as allies, in relationship.  Take this for that doesn't do justice to the subtle art of the healer or the gift of healing our plant allies offer.  Our responsibility to ourselves, our clients and the plants is to always consider "do no harm."

MLM companies like Young Living and DoTerra recommend dangerous usages of essential oils.  They are not to be taken internally.  Following the recommended usages of those companies not only puts more money in their pockets, but it is grossly disrespectful to the plants who gift us with their medicine so freely.  Let's show our plant allies that we respect them and are grateful for their offerings by using their gifts responsibly.  

Check out this post by barefootdragonfly for her concise and well written take on internal usage of essential oils.

July 8, 2014

Water Kefir and Kombucha

I've been brewing water kefir and kombucha and occasionally have extra kefir grains or kombucha scobies to offer at the farmers market.  I don't have much time to write during market season, but my friend Darcey Blue has written a nice post on fermented beverages. Lately I've been using lavender, roses, or herbal teas in my water kefir secondary fermentations.  Check out her recipes, and come talk to me at the market!  

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