My other endeavors

My path as a healer has led me on a journey towards self-sufficiency.  I post about that over on Wild Vitality Homestead, should you be interested in those offerings.

Part of that journey includes raising heritage breed rabbits, which I post about over on Wild Vitality Rabbitry.

As a nutritionist, I understand that the best diet for my dogs and cats are species appropriate diets.  They are mostly raw fed, and the need to offer a balanced assortment of proteins led me to raising rats and mice.  Raising rats and mice led me to raising ball pythons.  People are squicky about rodents and reptiles, so they get their own page.  Black Swamp Rodents & Reptiles.

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“In this age the fear of disease has developed until it has become a great power for harm, because it opens the door to those things we dread and makes it easier for their admission.”

Edward Bach, Heal Thyself

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