September 28, 2011

Fall, Transition, and the life of your dreams.

Fall is upon us.  A time of great change and transition.  The energy is sinking, down, down, into the earth.  Our focus turns inward, and it's a time of internal housekeeping.  What's working in your life, and what isn't?  Let what isn't working fall away like the leaves fall from the trees when they're no longer needed.  Live the life of your dreams :)

When you find yourself in this time of transition, do you know where to look for support?  There are many allies in the plant and mineral kingdoms who are happy to help us.  Here are two:

Walnut flower essence is my best and favorite ally for transition.  Walnut helps us to move forward gracefully, free of the influence of what holds us back.  

Dandelion root is a great herbal ally for deep nourishment, and unsticking the emotional crap that can hang out in our Livers.  Did you know that when we hold onto things, our Livers are where they go?  When you start working with Dandelion, it's important to know that emotional stuff will be dredged up.  The trick is to feel the feeling, but let go of the story.  Just let it flow through.  Acknowledge it, and let it go.  It's harder than it sounds, but you can do it! You may want to give your loved ones a heads-up before you start working with Dandelion.  A bit of fair-warning :)

There are many helpers in the mineral kingdom, and for the most part, our allies will be different, depending on what we have going on personally.  Do you work with gems?  I would love to hear from you!

Green Blessings, 

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