May 13, 2010

Energetic Self-Care and the New Moon

I have found that when I am working with the cycles of Nature, instead of stubbornly trying to forge my own path, life flows gracefully, and I am able to accomplish what I want with ease. Here we are, with the energy of the New Moon reminding us to look within, and clean house. I am shining light on my dark corners, clearing and organizing cluttered spaces, and facing my personal demons head on.

A smudge a day keeps the Hucha away. Hucha is heavy energy. Everyone has "stuff", and that stuff can build up the same as the way dust bunnies accumulate in the corners of your home.

What do you do for your energetic self care?

My self care changes from day to day, but I try to pull from the following:
Eating wild foods
Eating breakfast outside
Flower and Gem Essences to help with balance
Herbal Infusions
Carrying/wearing stones and crystals
Soaking my feet
Singing to plants
Maya Spiritual Baths
Time in Nature

If you'd like help coming up with some self-care options that work for you, please don't hesitate to call or email. I would be honored to help you.

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