October 18, 2009

Wild Vitality Products Available!

My product line is growing every day! Call me directly or email to purchase any of the following:

Flower Essence Sprays and other liquid Remedies5 Flower/Rescue Spray Caregiver Spray
Copal Room Clearing Spray
Damiana Tincture
Echinacea Tincture
Holy Basil/Tulsi Tincture
Itchy Spray
Lobelia Tincture
No More Bugs!! Spray
No More Monsters SprayRoad Rage Spray
Sore Muscle Oil
St. John's Wort Tincture
White Sage Room Clearing Spray
Ouch Salve ~ 1/2 oz jar, 1/2 oz tube or 2 oz jar

Sore Muscle Balm ~ 2oz jar or 1/2 oz tube

Teas and Herbal Blends
Antioxidant Bomb
Aphrodisiac Infusion
Chill-Out Smoking BlendDemulcent Drink
Lovely Tea
Nutritive Tea
Peace Tea
Tonic Soup Herbs
Tummy Tea
Smudges & Incense
Cedar Tips
Charcoal Disks
Copal Resin
Dragon's Blood Resin
Frankincense Resin
Frankincense & Myrrh Resins Lavender BudsMyrrh Resin
Nag Champa sticks ~ 15 gram boxes
Rosemary Leaves
Sweetgrass Braids
White Sage Bundles
A Grade Crystal Balls
Apache Tears
Black Tourmaline
Blue Apatite
Blue Lace Agate
Citrine, Tumbled and Points
Fluorite Octahedrons
Quartz, Tumbled and PointsRose Quartz
Shiva Lingams
A selection of one-of-a-kind semi-precious stone, sterling silver, pearl and glass beaded necklaces and bracelets.

MiscellaneousMini Candles ~ white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, silver
Candle Holders

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