January 5, 2009

Detox - It's the New Year!

Interesting post on Skeptoid about detoxification programs. Very timely, what with New Years Resolutions still fresh on our minds. This guy obviously doesn't like Natural Medicine, and that's a bummer, but his take on detoxification is right on.

Detox is a booming business, making lots of money from a lot of people who all suffer from the same delusion - that we are inherently dirty, and must be cleansed!

Yep, your bowels look like the inside of your cheek, that mucoid plaque is a result of the "cleansing products" you take as part of the cleanse, and it's all really expensive.

So, are you tired, sluggish, run-down, digestion is out of whack, your appetite isn't so good, you experience cravings, maybe your skin reminds you of your teenage years, lots of aches and pains, and the brain fog has you wondering what happened to your smarts?

These are not symptoms indicating the need for a cleanse. These are symptoms indicating the need to re-evaluate your diet, eliminate the foods that make you sick (it's different for everyone, but there are common themes), support your liver, move around more, find more joy, and love yourself. Eat food that looks like food, nothing from a bag or a box, produce in season (this is the season of root vegetables, warming spices and soups), organic grass-fed meats, and drink plenty of good water. Reduce the load on your liver by limiting or abstaining from caffeine, alcohol and stress. Drink a nice cup of chamomile tea, make getting enough sleep a priority, and don't forget to go out and play! (think back to when you were 7 if you've forgotten what that means)

If you need more, or would like to work one-on-one with me, I am available for consultations. We can work together on a nutritional program that works for you. One that you can actually stick to.

Green Blessings,
Heather Luttrell

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