December 29, 2008



That was what I needed! Wild time, quiet time, peaceful time, precious time, loved time.

It's another world down here, in the humid, salty, corrosive, restorative, refreshing presence of the Atlantic. I dug my toes in the sand, and allowed the waves and the foam to wash over me, cleaning away all that has built up, all that was getting in my way and needed to continue on. It was scrubbed off with every step I took, barefoot on the beach, navigating the waves and sandbars. I observed the birds, chatted with fishermen, smiled at children, digging holes to China, foiled by the Ocean. I nourished myself with fresh, vital seafood and local produce. I learned about Datil Peppers and green peanuts. I ate yams. I drank red wine. I shared long-overdue conversations with beloveds, and entertained children. I drove a fast banana :)

Now I am journeying home, eager to dive back into co-op planning and development. There are members to recruit, cabinets to refinish, and a practitioner room to build. I am so excited! This is a worthy project, and I love what we are creating - together.

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