July 23, 2008

I'm this week's featured vendor at the farmers market! Come on down!

This week's write up for the market! Check out the farmers market crop report for what everyone will have this week! I'm this week's featured vendor! Isn't that exciting?! Come on out and see me! I'm giving away FREE travel sized rescue remedies with the purchase of any bagged tea or herbal blend!

Heather Luttrell CCH of Wild Vitality is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner and Nutritionist. She is a Louisville resident and small business owner, with an office on Main Street where she sees clients by appointment for herbal/nutritional consultations and Reiki. Sign up with Heather to stay in the loop for class offerings this fall, and don't forget to enter the drawing for a FREE Reiki Session! (an $80 value!) Heather specializes in custom formulas, so please ask for what you need if you don't see it offered!

This week Heather has a special offer for all farmers market attendees! Buy one bagged tea or herbal blend, and receive a FREE travel sized bottle of Rescue Remedy! (while supplies last!) Rescue Remedy is a flower essence formula developed by Dr. Edward Bach, and is indicated in the patterns of imbalance of panic, disorientation, loss of consciousness, acute trauma or pain. The positive qualities that it conveys are calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress. This is a great remedy to keep in your purse or car, for any circumstances when someone needs immediate help, before and after moments of difficulty, and for accidents or upsets. Its calming influence is especially helpful for children, animals and plants.

This week at the market, Heather will have:

· An assortment of culinary and medicinal herb plants

· Teas & herbal blends ~ tummy tea, nutritive tea, peace tea, demulcent drink, aphrodisiac infusion, tonic soup herbs and the much loved antioxidant bomb!

· Flower essence sprays ~ 5 flower/rescue remedy spray, Road Rage spray, No More Monsters spray

· White Sage Room Clearing Spray (think liquid smudge with extra goodness)

· No More Bugs! ~ no scary chemicals here! Reapply often to stay mosquito-free without DEET.

· White Sage Salve

· Handmade semi-precious gemstone beaded jewelry

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