July 22, 2008

I have a dream...

Somewhere in my future lies a charming, warm, inviting little healing center, surrounded by lush gardens, and filled with a multitude of delightful medicines. I envision a little cottage made of cob, a bit like a hobbit house. There will be a clinic room or two, a small foyer, a bathroom, a kitchen with a health department approved triple sink, and an herbal pharmacy. Nothing so large as to be cumbersome to maintain or pay for, but a place just right, just big enough for all who need it. The thickness of the cob walls will be a blessing, blocking out the sounds of the busy town around it, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Maybe the foyer will be bigger, and not be a foyer at all, but an herb shop. I could see clients in the mornings, before the shop opens, and there would be classes and events, herb walks, and celebrations.

I would like to build that little healing center, and promote health, vitality and localization in my community. We could have a summer day camp for kids, where they could learn all about how to plant seeds in a garden, watch how the different plants grow, and learn what gifts those plants have to offer.

What a pleasant dream, this dream.

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