February 4, 2011

Love in the month of February, will you join me?

February is famous for it's Hallmark Holiday - Valentine's Day. All month we are surrounded by definitions, descriptions, expectations and longing. How much of this is real for you, and how much of it is manufactured? What does spreading the love mean to you?

Part of my personal work this month involves reclaiming February - my birth month - and exploring love.

What is love? What actions, words and signals do I interpret to mean "I love you"? How do I love myself? Where in my life do I need more love, and where does love already live? How will I encourage love in myself, and how will I work to show more love to others?

Health is about so much more than our bodies. How we relate to, interact with, give and receive love affects us all day, every day. Love comes in many forms, scents and flavors. Love can be intellectual, physical and ethereal.

This week, part of my exploration involves reading a book I've had for awhile, but haven't made time to read, Gaia Eros by Jesse Wolf Hardin. Have you ever had a book jump off the shelf at you? This is one of those books.

Then there are acts of self-love that need doing. Nurturing myself is love, being the good parent to myself is love.

So, this month, I will explore red and pink, work with yummy herbs like rose, sandalwood, damiana, ylang-ylang, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, and relate with rose quartz, Montana rhodochrosite, rhodochrosite and ruby. I will eat a good breakfast, take my vitamins, smudge, affirm, meditate, and move. I will call my loved ones and take pleasure in the details. I will color and paint. I will love.

I would like to invite you to join me on the journey! Make your commitment to love yourself more, and let's talk about what that means for you! Share your story here if you'd like, and inspire us all to love more and more often.

Green Blessings,

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