March 22, 2008

Wild Vitality!

Wild Vitality
After much consideration, brainstorming, soul searching, thesaurus utilization, meditation and dreaming, I have decided to name my practice Wild Vitality.

It’s a tough thing, finding words to express in a "pearl" all that I am offering, but Wild Vitality does it! I was meeting with Amber, my highly skilled metal smith and web designing friend, when I realized that Avena’s Herbs sounds like an herb shop (5 year plan) and would be misleading once painted upon my office window. How to wrap Herbalist, Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner, Vitalist, Fun, Organic, Growing, Movement, Healing, Change and ENERGY all into one little pearl? One little pearl with the big job of being the name for my website and my clinical practice, and having the ability to grow with me for 10 years or more?

Wild Vitality
Heather Luttrell
Certified Herbalist
Reiki Practitioner
Providing Momentum for Personal
Evolution on All Levels

What better day to decide upon such a great name? The moon is full and the Spring Equinox today is full of the promise of flowers and verdant green. There are crocuses blooming in my garden, along with the spring shoots of Valerian, bronze fennel and Comfrey. There was a tough little catnip volunteer, but Medea ate it a week or so ago. I planted some purple pansies last week, and this weekend’s projects involve assembling the stand for my compost tumbler, spring cleaning in the yard and garden, planting onion sets and sowing seeds for kale, spinach, beets and carrots under a floating row cover.

Today is the day the Earth wakes up, although many of us have noticed her stirrings for awhile now. Today the Wheel of the Year turns with a Wild Vitality. Green Blessings!

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